6 Foolproof Tips to Find New TV Shows to Watch

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If you like TV shows and you are a show addict like me then you would enjoy searching for new series to watch. It is fun and exciting to find new series for your evening entertainment when old ones get cancelled or they come to an end. How to find new and good TV shows to watch? There are several ways to do that.

1Find out what are your favourite actors and actresses up to these days. Maybe you have always loved Calista Flockhart and enjoyed her in Ally McBeal all these years ago? Then maybe you are also interested in the fact that she’s starring in (relatively) new series called Brothers and Sisters. It might not be exactly the same type as Ally McBeal but you might enjoy it. Or maybe you have always loved and admired Nathan Fillion and have watched him through Firefly and even trough Two Guys and a Girl. Then you’d be glad to know that he is already doing a second season of the show called Castle. It’s a crime show with a twist and if you like Nathan Fillion’s charm, you will probably like Castle also. But if you’ve loved Corutney Cox and you are sad that her Dirt ended, then tune in for Cougar Town – all new comedy starring her, all fine and fabulous and most importantly, funny.

2Find out what your favourite producers are up to these days. If you’re a fan of CSI but looking for something fresh, then you’d be glad to know that producer Jerry Bruckheimer has a new crime show out – The Forgotten, which concentrates on crime victims. It’s starring Christian Slater and if you have missed him you’d be pleased to see him again. But Bruckheimer does more than just The Forgotten, he has bunch of good shows under his belt like Cold Case, Justice, Just Legal etc. Or maybe you grew up watching JAG? Then I’m glad to inform you that there are lot of good shows coming from Donald P. Bellissario like NCIS and all new NCIS: LA. But if you like quirky humour like Family Guy then there is two more shows from genius Seth MacFarlane: American Dad! and all new The Cleveland Show.

3Read blogs and magazines. Find bloggers who are just as keen on TV shows like you are! They often talk about new and promising series you might also enjoy. It can also be informative to occasionally go through TV magazines like TV Guide. They write about actors and shows pretty often (or rather: all the time) so you might hints to something new you might enjoy. And if you read magazines and newspapers you can’t ignore Tina Fey, for example, who is doing a great show called 30 Rock.

4Pay attention to advertisements. If you’re watching shows then pay attention to advertisements running on the corner – they often point to something popular and enjoyable.

5Tune in for Emmys! In every September they give out awards for the best and most loved shows in America. If you look through the winners’ list you might find shows you’ve never heard about that are still worth checking out – they didn’t get they’re awards for nothing, did they.

6Pray to Tyche – the Goddess of Chance. I can give you all the advice and you almost certainly will find something new and enjoyable if you bother to do a bit research but there’s a rule – the most fun new favourites are found by chance. It just happens and before you know it – you are hooked on Black Books, The Big Bang Theory or Criminal Minds.

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