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disappointed to get connected with local people at another country?

Created by satsuma 2011-07-22 15:38:25
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How should you do if you from hometown goes to another country and you must connecting with local people without basic knowledge about the country and you got million miles far away from you hometown. HOW should you do next?

How should you do if you must spending 7 night in cheapest hotel at rarely country ever you heard before without travelers guide?

OR you got more question about this situation on your head now?

I got some solution but i dont know if you really use it or you will guess more solution to help me and correcting me if i am wrong if you are in my situation for first time traveler?


1 firstly, i will go to internet cyber ( if you not have computer and internet) and searching about everything and the important you needed from internet such as your make-up etc if you must live at that country for couple of weeks or months. This is suitable for them whose goes to honeymoon for several week such as east asia country for example Malaysia. I said like this because sometimes the travelers guide didn't much time to showing you another beautiful places and the famoust local shops for you to get some gift from that country for you memories honeymoon to present to your family if you go back to hometown from your honeymoon.

2 Then, if you must goes to the important meeting at another country and then you got the big problem because you must living there for couple of weeks and you not have any basic knowledge. So,how should you do? Don't worry my friend. This is my solution to you. This is your first things you must do if you must communicate with local people with bravely and high confident. How should you do? it's very simple. you must buying pocket guide book and pictorial dictionary to helping you to understanding they language such as your first kids goes to learning about alphabets. I said like this because map is useless if you cannot communicate with local people at your meeting.

3 Then,what you get from here? what is the important thing in this short article to you? still get blur?How should you do if you must stayed longer than usual if you must live at there for several years?
I will remind you! Don't be panic yet if you already at there because i already writing at above about everything you need. However, you should always know that you need to communicate with local people with nicely and don't ever to talk like rubbish with them because it will make you head so much dizzy and more panic also wasting your time so much in there.

It's just my opinion for you. Do no take it seriously if you not confident yet. If you not understand with my article i'm understand because i got bad in english marks. Any correction for my bad english and improvement or you get any idea about this situation is needed for help some people which got same situation like me.

Now, all question got solved. The question that played on my mind is do you agreed with my opinion or you get more reasonable answer than me. What you do if just leave your comment to my attention for correcting my mistake about writing this article.

The End.

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