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DIY Light Dimmer

Created by Liza 2010-08-11 10:27:19
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There are many reasons why you may want to dim your lights off. Whatever the reasons you have, this is a free guide that will help you get there.

Important: This article is not responsible for readers interpretations, constructions and experiments. Have in mind you are working with electricity, and it can be deadly.

If you accept all responsibility then continue reading.

Mounting Light Dimmers to your wall
You can connect different parts of your house lights with different dimmers. Control the amount of light you are using. Some dimmers can be installed directly on the wall. The dimmer switch replaces the on-and-off switch. To install them ,shut down the main grid power. Remove the old switch. Remove the cables. Connect the cables to your new light dimmer and re-screw the dimmer to wall. Mount it. Make sure cables are in place and not in contact. Turn on the main power and test it out.

Build a light dimmer

What you need: You can get all you need at the electric store. You need a single-pole light dimmer, two boxes with covers and electrical chord.

Before Starting: Make sure the main power of the house is off.

Step One: Prepare the cables and pass them through the boxes.

Step two: Install the single-pole light dimmer switch and connect the cables.

Step three: Connect the cables in series or in parallel to the lights you want to control with your dimmer.

Step Four: Turn the main power of the house on.

Step Five: Test it out.

You can build your own dimmer circuit if you know a thing or two about electronics. However, the single pole light dimmers are very cheap and easy to hook up.

Important: Each dimmer will work on certain amount of Voltage and with certain Watt capacity. Consult the man at the electronic store for specifics. Do not attempt to build circuits if you are not sure of what you are doing. You can harm yourself and others. If you do know what you are doing, you might want to check out remote controlled dimmers. They operate the circuit remotely inducing infra red wavelengths signals. They can be programmed and personalized.

This article is not responsible for readers personal interpretations, constructions or experimentations. Have in mind you are working with electricity, it can be fatal.
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