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Easy ways to remove wine stains from your clothes (without a dry cleaner)

Created by Nick 2010-06-22 10:51:15
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Wine stains, specifically those which come from red wine, are difficult to remove. But fear not as you can get rid of such stains easily by using items present in your home.

1 The important thing is to act fast and quick. Immediately after getting wine stain on your clothes, make sure to go to the rest room or near kitchen sink. Then, using a clean and damp cloth, blot the stain off until no more wine stain could be lifted.

Do not rub the stain off as doing so will merely cause the stain to spread thereby worsening your problem. Plus, rubbing the stain off will tear and fray the garment. Just make sure to continue blotting off the stain until none of its residue is seen.
2 If there is white wine available, pour it over the red wine stain. Take note that white wine has the ability to neutralize red wine stain and make it disappear. When red wine stain is neutralized, simply place the stained clothing in your laundry load.

Make sure not to throw the wine-stained clothing in the dryer unless the wine stain has completely disappeared as the heat from the dryer will set the stain enough to make it a permanent part of the clothing. For the same reason, it is also a no-no to iron a wine stain.
3 Vinegar is also an option in treating wine-stained clothing. Simply put, vinegar is one of the all-time best all-purpose cleaner. Simply pour the vinegar onto a damp cloth and blot off the stain until all the wine residue is removed. The instance all the stain is removed, blot the area using a damp cloth.

Though you may smell like vinegar all throughout the party, such stench is easily removed if you machine wash your clothes. The stain is easily removable too. Vinegar could similarly be poured directly on the stain and blotted off with a damp cloth
4 Another wine-stain removal remedy is to combine a part of mild dishwashing liquid and two parts of hydrogen peroxide.

(NOTE: Ensure that the dishwashing liquid is free from alkalis or bleach.)

Then, saturate the wine stain using the mixture and pre-soak it. Expect to do two applications as well as two washings prior to throwing the wine-stained garment in the dryer. This is to ensure that the stain is completely gone.

5 Another way to clean off a wine-stained garment is by pouring club soda on it. If you’re lucky, you will see the stain lift right before your very eyes. If it doesn’t, do some gentle blots on the wine-stained area. Once the wine stain has lifted, blot the area off using a damp and clean cloth. Then, place the garment in the laundry.

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