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Free and easy lifestyle change as an alternative to a heart bypass surgery

Created by helen 2010-07-21 12:54:37
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Last year, my brother was frightened enough to almost have a heart attack when the cardiologist told him he needed a heart bypass surgery because three major veins in his heart had a blockage.

Being inherently stubborn my brother did not settle with the doctor’s grim news and decided to take his heart in his own hands. He opted to go the alternative route and bypass a heart bypass operation.

NOTE: It is always best to refer to your trusted doctor as a heart problem is a serious issue and there is no one solution that fits all.

Maybe it’s because my brother is still relatively young compared with other sufferers of heart disease – he is in his mid-30’s – that his method of using an alternative to heart bypass surgery works as he is now back at work in his corporate job, his cholesterol level has decreased compared to last year (though still not significantly, it has decreased nonetheless), his blood pressure has normalized at a regular and consistent level and no longer is he feeling chest pains. He also finds climbing the stairs no longer a cause for the shortness of his breaths.

He believes that heart bypass surgery is extremely invasive so he settles to change his lifestyle drastically as based on the advice of a naturopathy doctor he consulted. The following are few of the basic things he did:

1 No more meat. Eat fruits and veggies only

He no longer eats meat, whether it is pork, beef, chicken or fish. His diet now consists of vegetables and fruits with the objective of looking at food as medication and eating specific vegetables as according to the vitamin and minerals it possesses. For instance, broccoli contains vitamin A, vitamin c, potassium and calcium. All dark and green leafy vegetables he now eats, from spinach, cabbage, brussels sprouts, bok choy. He also eats watermelon, juices fruits such as apple and carrots together.
2 Use natural and organic medication

He was also prescribed natural and organic medication and not the synthetic ones usually prescribed by MDs. He now regularly takes Garlic capsules – and at times an actual garlic clove, vitamin B, vitamin E. He also takes a powdered form of chlorophyll and enzymes – the combination of which serves as a powerful anti-oxidant which boosts the immune system and helps the cells of the body to regenerate. He also consumes a tea made of a combination of herbs such as peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, Jamaican sarsaparilla, prunos nigra, ginger-rhizome – the pupose of which is to cleanse and strengthen the internal organs of the body.
3 No more fast food

He also completely shuns fast food joints now. No more hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, etc. He recalls and now regrets how he made a popular fast food joint’s cheeseburger a regular everyday staple in his breakfast for a whole year or two. Also, no more sodas, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc. Only water or fresh fruit juice will do – and not the canned ones. He only takes fruit fresh out of a juicer or one that has been put in a blender.
4 Honey for your sugar

White sugar has been removed from his cupboard and replaced with pure honey. Honey has been shown to lower heart disease risk thanks to the natural fructose and glucose present in it. It has also been proven that those with high cholesterol who consumed honey experienced a decrease in their cholesterol level.
5 No more salt

He has also permanently removed salt from his diet whether it is table salt, rock salt or organic salt. But in order to flavor his food, he chooses the naturally occurring amino acids in Natural Bragg – a healthy, tasty and natural alternative to soy sauce.
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