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Free Bicycles: Sharing and Government Schemes

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Do you prefer to ride a bicycle through life? Are you looking for a free bicycle? Want to get away from the cars, buses and other type of public transportation? The streets can be stressful or can be a joy to cycle through. You can ride a bicycle to work, to see a friend, or just for the pleasure of riding. Bicycles are not only good for the environment, but great for health.

Governments around the world have started different programs and schemes to offer people incentives to ride bicycles. These plans are called Sharing or Free Bicycles Schemes. The programs have proven to become an iconic trademark of certain cities, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Barcelona.

Bicycle sharing or community bicycles are becoming more and more popular. The more important aspect of Bicycle Sharing Programs is that they work and they are Free!

Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many others, are taking on the Bike share effort. In Europe, UK, France, Spain and Portugal, bicycle schemes are working daily. Public bicycles are sometimes called yellow or white bicycles. Australia is about to launch its Melbourne Bicycle Sharing program. So what is this cause of success behind this program and how do they work?

The idea of using bicycles came from the idea to have alternative ways of transportation, which would be free. They were implemented to reduce the use of vehicles and diminish traffic, noise and air pollution. The cause of success is the people. The people are willing to ride the bicycles. Countries like China, and India, can be considered the top every-day cyclers.

How it works

There are many different programs. Most programs fit into two categories. Total free use, or regulated use. The free schemes are programs where bicycles have been given to a city or an area to be used freely within the area. They are left unlocked, and they can be used to get somewhere and then left there. Some are equipped with electronic user configurations against theft and vandalism.

Regulated sharing bicycle sharing programs are diverse. Some bicycles can be taken out by making a deposit in a machine which releases the bicycle. Once the bicycle is used and placed in another holding machine, then the deposit is returned automatically. The rising program is the membership program. To use membership bicycle programs one has to become a member of the program.

Advertising agencies soon jumped on the opportunity, and public-private services grew. These became strong in Europe. Membership is also required, and ads pay off the service.

Search your local city for Bicycle sharing opportunities or start your own.
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