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Free: Block Milk Dark Chocolate

Created by Kelly 2010-07-21 12:08:04
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It makes no difference where you live in. Chocolate does not discriminate. It has been the delight of the people in every part of the world. The joy of children of every mountain and continent. Yes, they used to say chocolate was for Kings, but lets be real, have you ever seen a King eat chocolate? And would you not rather make chocolate for your friends, lover, partner, or friends? This recipe is very easy to make. For those Chocoholics, here is the reward.

Here is how to make Chocolate from nothing. This is free, Block Milk Dark Chocolate. You will never want to buy chocolate again.

What you need: Get some good quality coco powder (100 grams), sugar (150 grams), milk powder (200 grams), salt (you will need just a pinch) and solidified vegetable shortening or coconut oil (200 grams).

Step one: On small pan melt the solidified vegetable shortening (or coconut oil).

Step two: Put a strainer on top of a bowl. Now put the coco, milk powder and sugar in as the strainer. Add a pinch of salt. Let it filter down into the bowl. The strainer will remove the larger pieces and mix the ingredients well. Give it a gentle shake, shake.

Step three: Now pour the Shortening in (it should be liquid by now).

Step four: Mix, and shake that with a wooden spoon. You will get a chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce should be runny and glossy.

Step five: Get a pan and line with baking paper.

Step six: Put the chocolate sauce you just made on the pan

Step seven: Put the pan into the fridge. Leave it to set over night.

Step eight: The following morning… Take the chocolate out of the fridge. Cut it and taste it.

You can add different things to the ingredients before you put it on the pan. Add them in the bowl before pouring the chocolate sauce on the pan. Try adding nuts, hazel nuts, cinnamon, or other species. Try making variations of this recipe.

The word Chocolate comes from the Maya language. It is a nourishment obtained by the mixing of sugar with two derivate products. The basic ingredient are the coco seeds which in this recipe is powder. You can also make chocolate without milk powder. You can replace that with cocoa butter and dry fruits.

This article is not responsible for readers interpretations. This article does not represent any group or organisation. This article is not responsible for readers cooking experimentations. Safe and responsible cooking is encouraged.
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hi,can i use fresh milk instead of milk powder?
added 2011-06-08 11:35:43
Sugar means iceing sugar
Yuo give suggest me what is vegitable shorting
added 2011-09-17 14:39:43
added 2012-09-22 10:02:29
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