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Free Emergency Light

Created by Liza 2010-05-27 10:12:11
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An emergency light could come in handy in many situations. For example, if your car suddenly stopped or got a flat tire in the middle of the night and you have no flashlight with you. Or if you need to create a signal in a night where there is no power and you have no energy. Edison experimented with this type of materials, later these experimentation evolved into what everybody uses today as light.

What do you need to make an emergency light with a pencil? One pencil. Two wires (such as speaker cable) A battery (such as a car battery).

Safety Note: This experiment is not suited for children without adult supervision. Remember your safety is priority, and always work in a safe environment. This article is not responsible for the results of your own experiments. For this experiment, make sure nothing is flammable. If your car runs on natural gas never use this system. Keep in mind you will be creating a light. Never use high energy sources, NEVER USE 220 volts from your home.

Step one: Cut the pencil in half. Use a knife or a scissor, be cautious.

Step two: Remove the Carbon within the pencil without breaking it.

Step three: Cut the Carbon in pieces of 5 cm.

Step four: Connect one copper wire to one in end of the carbon piece, connect the other end cable to the other end of the carbon piece.

Step five: Connect the other extremes of the copper wires to the battery.

How it works
The electron pass through the copper wires and go through the Carbon rods, the friction releases energy in form of heat which transforms to light.

The carbon will burn for approximate 1 min. 1 min 20 seconds. The light will be bright (depending on energy source).

Once the carbon piece burns out, change it and use another. One pencil should provide about 4 pieces of Carbon, which can be used as “filaments” for energy in form of electricity to pass through. At 1 minute each, that will give you about 5 minutes of good light. That will suffice in time of emergency to change a tire, to look under the hood of the car to see why it stopped, or to make a light signal.

When using emergency lights on the road, such as this one. Do make sure you follow authority policies on emergency light.

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