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Farmville is a great time-waster, and like all great time-wasters, it is highly entertaining and addicting, so that often not being a part of it could spell immediate doom and/or gloom to your online social life.

If you are living under a rock and do not know what Farmville is, it is a game in Facebook wherein players are allowed to design a virtual farm, manage it, grow crops, take care of animals as well as connect with Facebook friends or neighbors.

How to Successfully Plant and Harvest in Farmville

Being able to plant and harvest crops is the most critical part in Farmville. Once you are able to raise and sell crops, coins could then be earned which allows more animals, crops and buildings to be purchased.

Similar to a real farmer, the first step in planting crops is to first plow a ground patch. But unlike a real, full-fledged farmer whose sweat and brawn is part of the whole process of farming, Farmville planting only requires you to click on the plow tool – colored green – and simply point on any area of the farm you want to plow.

Note: If in case the plow box is red, you need to select another location and move your mouse along any area until it turns green. If the ground has already been plowed, click on the Farmville market area and see through any seeds available and choose. The instance you have grown all your crops, only then will you be able to collect all your earnings by clicking on your finished crops.
Do note that you need to have fifteen coins every time you plow a specific area.

How to acquire Farmville Farm Cash

Farm Cash is used to spend items for growing your farm while Farm Coins is used to getting more land.

Players of Farmville actually use credit cards in order to purchase and have Farm Cash. However, there are highly skillful players who have gained enough expertise to know cheap methods of getting Farm Cash.
One way of generating Farm Cash is by leveling up. Once a player has leveled up, he or she instantly gains experience points via specific tasks done on the farm.

Other ways of gaining Farm Cash is by filling out online quizzes and surveys through sponsors which are affiliated with the game Farmville. These surveys could be accessed in the “Get More Farm Coins” tab found in the Farmville game environment. Usually, the amount of Farm Cash you receive depends on the time it took for you to fill out the surveys.

Note: Best to choose surveys as cautiously as you possibly can as many are scams designed for you to purchase or subscribe a service or product. Some even ask for unnecessary info such as mailing addresses and cellphone numbers.

How Gaining Tons of Farmville Neighbors will help you get Tons of Farmville Freebies

Acquiring Farmville neighbors are a great help to all your Farmville game efforts. Why? There are specific items in the Farmville market which – in order to be purchased - demand a specific number of neighbors. Plus, having Facebook friends is one way of getting free animals, crops and trees.
If you have Facebook friends who are playing Farmville and are on a level much higher than you, you can request them to send you free items.

How to Grow Good Crops in Farmville

There are basically two types of crops in Farmville: trees and plants. Though plants are a lot cheaper to purchase and also produce high payments, the bad side is that they could be harvested only once.

Meanwhile, trees are more costly and allow decreased coin payments but do yield countless harvests without having to be replanted. Plus, fruits from trees do not spoil while plants do.
Berries are the best crops to grow as they have the ability to give you numerous coins in as little as an hour – plus the investment needed is relatively little.
A good formula to know the specific crop that will result in the most pay is the following: (Selling Cost) - (Seed Cost) - (Plow Charge of $15) ¸ (# of Harvest Days).
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