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Free save money when installing the LCD in your car

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A digital screen inside a car has many functions. You can set up GPS, watch DVDs on long journeys or play games when parking. LCD car screens can be connected to an outside camera to monitor activity, or even track the weather on the weather channels. Screens can be installed in the roof. Roof screens will slide down and rotate. LCD screens can also be installed in the head rest of the seats. Sometimes screens are installed in the panels or in the arm-seats of the car. This guide will show you how to install screens in the seat’s head-rest for under 30 USD. They are the most used style today and are very easy to install.

Important: This guide is not responsible for readers personal interpretations, constructions or experimentations. Only continue reading if you take full responsibility for all the actions resulting from the interpretation of this guide. If you are a minor, read this guide with your parents or tutors.

To install a digital screen you will need the LCD screen, an AC adapter and some RCA cables. You will also need a cutter or razor, and a pencil. The first thing to consider when installing a screen is what type of screen you want to get. The size of the screen will depend on the size of the head-rest of your vehicle. You have two options. You can use an old screen, or a screen you have, and adjust it to the car, or you can buy a new LCD screen. The second option is best. Special LCD car screens come with support and connectors. They will make your life much easier. A 7 inch or 17 centimeter LCD screen can be found online for as low as 27 USD. The only cost you will have is the screen. Adjust your budget to your needs. LCD screens are generally on-sale during certain seasons. LCD manufactures release new products all the time. The “out-dated” models will be cheaper. Buying screens when new products come out is a way to save money.

Once you have chosen your screen you will have to decide on the electrical connection. There are two ways to go. You can either hook it up through the car lighter, or you can make the connection on any 12 Volt point of your car.

Installation: (A very basic car knowledge may be needed)
Step one: Remove the head rests from the seat of your car.
Step two: Draw on the back of the headrest the place where you want your screen to be in. Make sure it is centered. The screen comes with a plastic support. Put the plastic support in the centre of the headrest and outline it with a pencil or marker. You should now have a rectangle in the back of the headrest where the LCD will be.
Step three: Draw two vertical lines crossing the corners of the rectangle. You should now have a rectangle with a vertical cross.
Step four: Using a razor (carefully) cut the cloth of the headrest following the vertical lines of the cross inside the rectangle you made.
Step five: Reach the foam inside the head rest and remove the exact depth of foam equal to the depth of the LCD screen. If your LCD screen is half an inch, remove half an inch. If it is more then remove more.
Step six: Pass the cables (AC power, Video in and Video out) through the new hole and out through the poles of your headrest.
Step seven: Insert the LCD screen into the head rest. Secure it.
Step eight: Pass the cables (AC power, Video-in and Video-out) through the inside of your car seat.
Step nine: Re-install the head rest in the seat.
Step ten: Connect the power cable. You can either connect it to the lighter with an adapter or to any electric source inside your car. Make sure to disconnect the car battery before making electrical installations in your car. DO NOT WORK with the electrical system of your car connected. Disconnect the ground (negative) cable of the car battery. Car batteries are source of electricity and can cause electric shock.
Step eleven: Turn the car on. Turn on the screen and test out the system.

You can connect several screens in series with a simple adapter. This guide is simple. If you follow it step by step you can install your own LCD screen in your car for under 30 USD. If you take your car to have an LCD installed to a shop, it can cost you a couple hundred, sometimes even more This is a way for you to save a lot of money and make things happen by yourself.
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