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Free ways to market a book

Created by helen 2010-07-21 14:06:56
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Publishing and marketing a book is not what it used to be. Everybody says how the internet has changed certain business models. The internet has really changed the way books are written, published, bought by readers and even read.

Writing: The first important aspect is writing. Writing today can be easier. Books used to take years to be written. Today a book can be written in a couple of months. This is possible because there are large amounts of information available and the technology is in place to process it rapidly and efficiently. This article will not cover advice on how to write a good book. Either you have it, or you do not.

Publishing: If you do have a good book in your hands, then you can get started. You can go the old way. Sending your manuscripts to editors and publishing houses. Submitting your book to contests or other author callings. Or you can go the new way. Self-publish your book.

Self-Publishing Houses are online companies that offer publishing. How do they work? Users create an account. Accounts are free. Once you are logged in to your account you will be able to publish your titles. Just upload the files, covers, and details of your book. Publishing Houses provide ISB and other codes. Amazon Createspace, allows you publish on Demand or stock publish. Find Createspace at What is the difference? By publishing on demand a book is only printed once you sell it. The royalties for the authors are good, and the service is free. The quality of the books is excellent The service is very easy to use. Users can turn out their book in just a few hours, if they have the material and the cover. Approximately 15 days after approving a proof copy of the book the title will appear on Amazon.

There are several online publishing companies. Some examples beside Createspace are Xlibris at and Lulu Publications online at

EBooks: Authors should also consider eBooks. Ebooks, such as Kindle or Sony eBook, are revolutionizing the way people read books. Check these opportunities to reach a wider audience. Analysts say that soon every book will be digitalized.

Marketing: Once a book is on Amazon, marketing begins. Marketing is promoting. There are numerous ways for authors to self-market their book. This will take dedication and time. First start a free blog or web page. Upload a good design and link the Amazon link to your page. The webpage will be a way to promote your book. Start getting traffic. There are many ways to get free traffic. A rule of marketing says marketing a product is 80 % traffic or exposure, and 20% design. Another rule of online marketing says that only 10 to 15 % will respond to a promotion, and of these 15 to 10% only 1% will buy the product. So get as much traffic as you can. This is not always the case. You can give a preview of the book at your web page, and if readers like it they will buy the book.

Make some Noise
To market and promote your book you will have to make some noise. Here is how.
Community: Get your book on all social web pages. From Twitter to Facebook, to online radios, Myspace and all the blogs you can think of.

Media: Write a press release. If you have written a book, then a press release should be easy to write. Get all the media contacts you can, local, national and international. Send them your press release. Contact radio shows. Contact TV shows. Give your book to known people of the media. Send free copies to shows for free giveaways. Let them discuss the book. In simple words make a lot of noise.

If you are a true writer, you will never stop writing nor trying yo get your book out there.
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