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If you are a Web Site Owner and you want to improve web site search engine rankings, then you just have to know about Website Magazine!

Website Magazine is the Leading Magazine for Website Owners and Bloggers.

In each and every you are sure to find information that is important to all of us webmasters. Much of the information online for sky-high prices can't even compare.

I stumbled upon website mag a little while back just surfing online, and I must say it is a very well constructed magazine. Not only because it talks about things that are important to webmasters, but because it projects Quality. And when you review each page and read the quality content, You'll know instantaneously that this is not just some mag that has been thrown together.

Some of the topics Website Magazine covers are…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social Networking
Website Design & Promotion
Market Research
Article Writing & Marketing
Niche Marketing

And more!...

Need I say more?! They must do nothing but write and drink coffee all day long and constantly study this stuff, because they really lay it out clear. They let you in on a lot of jealously guarded secrets that I'm most happy to absorb at Zero cost:)

Website Magazine comes in digital and you can also get the print version. Both are great! But the Print version that I can take wherever I go really is an great added benefit. This means I don’t have to be glued to my computer all day to stay on top of my web business.

However, I have a tiny let down for some of you… and that is that you must be a U.S. resident to qualify to get the Print subscription for free. (But if I'm correct they also opened this offer to Canada.) The Free Version is a quarterly subscription, but if you ever crave more, they now offer a paid full 12 month Professional Subscription which is a very good investment and I will be upgrading to real soon!

I advise you to go to Website Magazine while it's fresh on your mind and check it out. I am positive that you'll Love it just as much as I do -- and will be able to improve web site search engine rankings without delay!
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I tyed in what i wanted for free (the service of a graphic artist to do the layout for a sixteen page magazine i do for free.My graphic artist previously died and i need help.Thought i could find that here,but if you know anyone willing to do this as a cosmic gift i would appreciate it.
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