Fun Stuff to Do with Your Kids on Halloween

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Decorate your house. Use all the items you can find to turn your house to scary haunted castle.

Carve pumpkins and light candles in them. But make sure you are there to watch your kids, because knives are sharp and accidents can happen.

Make a fun and scary Halloween costume for yourself and for your kids. Often you don’t have to spend any money on it if you have creativity and old clothes you can modify.

And if you’re already dressed up, why not make special holiday pictures. Later you can make them into greeting cards and send out to your family and friends.

Let your kids ask their friends a sleepover and make it an adventure in haunted house. Tell scary stories and guide children through dark and scary house where wind is blowing and mysterious sounds are surrounding you. Use a little help from your significant other or friends and place iPods playing scary soundtrack all over the place to enhance the experience.

Go trick-or-treating. And why don’t trick-or-treat yourself? Dress up and go with your kids! Make sure you have a bag for candies.

Search for scary movies (but make sure they are age-appropriate) and make a movie night with your kids.

Find out if there’s fall festival somewhere near. If there is take your kids with you and visit it. There are for sure many of fun things to see, like pumpkin carving, cook-offs and craft shows.

If you live in an area with lot of corn fields find out if there’s corn maze somewhere near. It can be very much fun for you and for your kids.

Find out if there’s “haunted” fun house near your home. If there is, this would be a fun place to visit with all your family.

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