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Get Free Hosting

Average money saved : $43.00
Created by nickclark 2009-10-31 12:30:36
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Eventually you will need hosting to store your websites and other files. I use this free web hosting becuase they offer unlimited everything for as little as $3.95 per month.

Here is how to get FREE hosting for your website plus some tricks to save thousands on your other sites.

1 Since Startlogic offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domains you can store as many domains there as you want. Example: Lets say you owned, and - 3 domains - you would think you would need 3 separate hosting accounts - not so! You would simply create a folder within the host pertaining to the domains name and then point that domain to the folder. Sounds complicated but Startlogics Tech support is available 24/7 and can easily walk you through it. So just in this step you'll only spend $9.95 per YEAR hosting one of your domains - this saves $61.45 at the least.

2 GET WEB HOSTING FOR FREE: this is even easier - simply sign up to this free web hosting site as an affiliate - (affiliates make $100 per sale) - hosting costs $71.40 per year and also includes a free domain name registration (great for your second domain!)

Sign up as an affiliate and then use your affiliate code to buy the hosting. You will then receive $100 in credit on your account or they will send it to you.

So, you may be out of pocket the initial $71.40 but you will get $100 in return for signing up under your own name. Thereby getting the hosting for free and... getting $29.60 as well - its like getting paid to host with them! You can also find this vendor on Commission Junction!

So - you save $71.40 and get a check for $29.60 - a very good deal - I suggest you check out this free web host today. Tell your friends to sign up under your name and make more money every month
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Apparently pomnz1 didn't read the post - basically - once you sign up as an affiliate on Commission Junction or use your affiliate code from a different IP address - you will receive $100 to $125 for making the sale - hence your hosting would then be free.
added 2010-09-10 19:54:45
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