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Thanks to the power and magic of innovation, not only can you grow your own vegetables right in your own backyard, you could similarly grow your own tobacco.

Tobacco could be easily grown in any place and for little money – and legally too. Take note there is even no duty required to be paid on tobacco seeds. Plus, tobacco is similarly an ornamental plant.

1 First things first - prior to starting your own tobacco farm, it is highly advisable for the tobacco crop to be small and that there is little possibility of you being able to commercially produce your tobacco. It is also important for the tobacco you are planting to be used solely for your personal use.

2 Remember that tobacco plants need added care specially at the beginning. Since the seeds of tobacco are small, they need to be covered up and placed indoors during the first 8 to 10 days. As much as possible, start them approximately five weeks prior to the final frost and utilize a seed tray via a mixture of half peat humus and half potting soil.

3 Sprinkle the tobacco seeds over the soil in an even manner. Do make sure that the soil has been moistened first and avoid the soil from being covered up as it is during this time when they need lots of light.

4 The seeds should then be placed inside a cupboard which has a temperature of 70-80 degrees. After which, expect the seeds to sprout after 8 – 10 days.

5 The plants must be placed indoors and placed in a temperature of 55 degrees. Wait a few weeks more and the plants will then be ready for replanting outdoor. It is therefore critical that the soil to be used is fertilized and cultivated.

6 The tobacco plants must be spaced at least two feet apart and be provided with large quantities of water. Basically, the plants will grow well if they possess lots of potash and nitrogen (these could be derived from ashes from charcoal grills and wood ashes).

7 Remember that tobacco plants are very sensitive and are highly susceptible to mosaic and root rot disease. Also, the sphinx moth is a pest that highly favors tobacco plants. Picking these bugs by hand is the best and safest way to get rid of them. You could also use gloves or pliers. However, tobacco plants are highly resistant to most bugs.

8 The ideal area for tobacco growing is approximately eight meters by one meter as this has the capability to produce more than 5,000 cigarettes. Also, the area must not be too cold. Basically, tobacco grows best in hot climates as too much cold has the tendency to destroy the plants.

All in all, it is highly unlikely for you to be the next Marlboro or Phillip Morris – no thanks to all those surgeon’s general warnings. What you can essentially achieve is your very own private and personal tobacco garden thereby eliminating the need to purchase a pack from your friendly neighborhood 7-11.

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