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Guide to Free Wallpapers and Screensavers

Created by helen 2010-01-25 13:47:59
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I know we do not actually spend a lot of time looking at the picture we have as background on our computers, usually we just have some application running on top of it. But for the short period we do have an empty screen, we should be able to look at something nice.

You could get your free wallpaper by setting one of our own photos as background for your desktop. This would personalize your desk and bring back pleasant memories; yet, it might not always fit. If you do prefer to set a wallpaper from the internet, you should know that you can get great wallpapers for free.

My favorite place to get free wallpapers and screensavers is This is a Russian website, offering free high quality wallpapers and screensavers, organized in numerous categories and sub-categories. They recently added an English version to the texts (, so it should be really easy for you to navigate and get what you need.

Another great website is the The website is very user friendly, but they only rarely add new images. is also a great source, but most of the images here are from movies, music, games, advertising and other such. What is remarkable about them is that they have an impressive collection of 3D wallpapers (,3d.html)

The website also has an impressive collection of free 3D wallpapers, as well as motion screensavers. This source is however less user-friendly.

Some useful tips:
It is advisable that you know the resolution of your display before downloading wallpapers; if you do not know it, download several resolution wallpapers and test which one fits best. Remember it for future downloads!

Unless you have a really good computer – a fast processor, great RAM memory and other such technical specifications, do not install motion screensavers on your computer; they will only consume resources and make your computer run even slower.

Wide screen displays are more and more popular and this has translated into an increasing number of wallpapers especially created for this shape. A wallpaper intended for widescreen generally has this mentioned in a parenthesis.

If you should happen to be working on a dual monitor computer, you should know that you can personalize your desktop and set two different backgrounds on each of the two displays. Just follow these instructions

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