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How to create a free blog?

Created by tom 2009-09-16 13:55:49
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1First you need to decide what host you prefer for your blogging. Do you like or There are many free hosting sites that let you create your free blog: already named Blogspot and Wordpress, but also, etc. You may also check whether your desired username is available and it may help you decide – maybe your desired name is already taken in Blogspot but it’s open in Wordpress?

2The most common sites for blog hosting are and

3If you have decided which blogging interface you like, go to their main page (for example:

4Click “Sign up now!”

5Select a username, password and confirm it by typing password again.

6You must enter an email address and mark “agree” on terms of service.

7Then mark “gimme a blog!” and click “next”.

8On the next page select a blog domain – it will be your blog address. For example, if you choose myblog11 for your domain, your blog address will b e Blog domain name can also be your username (if it’s not already taken).

9Then choose a title for your blog. It can be as simple as “My blog” or something more personal, like “My Rambling on Interwebs”.

10Then you’re required to choose language in which you will be blogging and you can also choose, whether your blog will be private or not, in which case your blog will appear in search engines (such as Google and Technorati). Click “create blog”.

11Congratulations! You have yourself a blog!

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Hunter Wellies
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