How to Get a Free Hotel Upgrade

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1First, you have to make a reservation. When making a reservation let them know you will be arriving late and if possible, arrive after 1AM. That way it’s possible that hotel is already sold out all their regular rooms and they can upgrade you to a suit.

2But mind you, don’t arrive TOO late and you will be billed as “no show”, which means your credit card is already billed for the money they lost holding you a room. Usually you can get this back in a gift certificate but probably you won’t get a full refund (since making a reservation you already agreed with this arrangement).

3If you arrive late you may also be sent to another hotel – which is a good thing, because when a hotel runs out of rooms, they will pay for one night’s stay in another hotel. This is a bit inconvenient (although hotel will also provide transportation), but for the rest of the stay you will get the best available room there is.

4You can also try asking nicely. If there are available rooms, the administrator may be inclined to give one to a polite person. Also, you may not get an official upgrade, but you may get better things for the same price – like better view. So don't be afraid to ask. And while you're at it, request a corner room (more windows and light) and as high a floor as possible if you're checking into the Four Seasons New York.

5If you are arriving on Sunday, you may ask for “Sunday night upgrade”. Since city hotels are catering business travelers during the week and leisure travelers during the weekend, Sundays are often slow.

6Of course, tipping is always a good idea. Tip the hotel administrator! For example, a 100 dollar tip could get you an upgrade from a single ground level room (which pays 150 dollars per night) to a deluxe suite with a strip view for 300 dollars per night instead of the normal 600 dollars per night! Don’t forget to tip the bellboy and cabbie – that way you may get “insider information” about the ways you can save much more than what you left as a tip.

7 Don’t hesitate to say something if your room is not exactly what you was promised. For example – if you can smell the cigarette smoke and you specifically asked for non-smoking room, speak up! You may get an upgrade for all your trouble.

8If you are celebrating a special occasion, let the hotel management know – they are all about making it even more special for you, for example by sending an amenity.

9If you are staying in Las Vegas, gamble big. You see, in Las Vegas, hotels like to give out free things, or “comps”, to gamblers to encourage them to keep on gambling. You may want to ask directly what you must do to get an upgrade; also you might want to find out if there is a gambling “point system”. Don’t forget to be nice and polite – hosts are inclined to give out what you need or want, if you are respectful and a good customer.

10Find out if there’s a club you can join for free. Some hotel chains have customer clubs which offer small gifts or free upgrades if you collect points. In Las Vegas, almost every casino-hotel has a club that you can join and during your stay you can collect points whenever you show your club card – gambling, eating in a restaurant, getting a spa treatment etc.

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