How to Get a Free Massage

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1First ask around – maybe you have a friend who is interested in “barter deal” – I’ll massage your back if you massage mine. Don’t be afraid to ask, you may find out that many of your friends are gladly willing to rub your aching back.

2If you feel uncomfortable asking your friend for a favor or you don’t want to give a massage back, then search around sites like or There are often ads or groups related to massage exchange. Try searching key phrases like “free massage + city/town” or “massage exchange + city/town”.

3Join a community called Free Rub at This is an online community dedicated to bring massage lovers together, with over 63,000 members. Finding one or more massage partners can potentially save your $1000s in professional massage fees over months and years and this place is excellent for finding one.

4There is a organization called MFG Health Foundation public non-profit organization providing free musculoskeletal therapy to the uninsured / underinsured. To qualify you must fill out a form and send it to them by mail. Form can be found at

5Also, if you are visiting a spa or a wellness center, don’t be afraid to ask if you can get a complimentary massage. If you have spent some money and have been a good and polite customer, you may get a free treatment as well.

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