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We all love free stuff, don’t we? There’s nothing more satisfying to get to try out new products, choose your favorites and NOT pay for them (and we’re not talking about stealing them, either)! Here are some hints how to get free beauty products.

1 Go to your local newsvendor and check out women’s magazines. If you are looking at the news-stand, you see that some magazines are wrapped in plastic. These are the ones you should invest in. Sometimes, if not always, magazines contain free samples of different beauty products: skin lotions, makeup and even tiny perfume bottles. Sometimes you don’t know what you get but other times there is a print on the cover, telling you what’s inside.

2 And if you’re already buying a magazine, then look inside: almost always they’re giving out free stuff, just for the price of writing them your opinion on stories or filling out some form and sending it in. Maybe it’s your lucky day!

3 Find out when are there makeup testing, total makeover or beauty product days in your local supermarket. Sometimes makeup companies have product days where you can test new products, let professionals do your makeup and even take home some samples! Don’t hesitate to ask yourself if you don’t see any samples lying around.

4 Go online. Almost every beauty product company has their own website and online store where you can order everything you like. Be alert and observant – often they promote sales with free products, or sometimes you can order one and get one for free.

5 Sign up! If you already are online, sign up for beauty product companies’ newsletters. Of course, it’s smart to get different email account, because signing up almost always means bulk emails. But you will often get free samples and products, only for a price of signing up!

6 And of course, if you are online, you can always google it. There are tons of different websites that focus on listing sites that are giving out free stuff, like,,, etc.

7 Go shopping. Very often you get a sweet deal: buy this, get that for free. Or you can have two products for the price of one. These days it’s all about customer friendly offers, sales and discounts.

8 Find your local Avon Lady. They have free samples for customers like you and you even don’t have to buy anything!

9 Become a beauty product tester. Sites like require signing up and after that you just wait till you get the products to test and give your opinion on.

10 Talk to your friends. How often have you bought something, tried it once and then never used it again? I bet you have tons of friends with tons of beauty products just sitting on their counters. Make a party out of it! Ask your girlfriends to come over, make margaritas or mojitos and trade beauty products that you don’t need or want anymore. What’s one woman’s trash is another one’s treasure!

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free stuff is good is good any time
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i would love to start getting products in the mail to try and comment on !
added 2010-04-22 18:34:11
I'm a man
added 2010-05-18 04:53:11
I like to receive free good product in my life if someone provides me or give me.
added 2010-09-03 17:48:30
U can give free Item
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