How to Get Free Concert Tickets

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1Site called Free Concert Tickets at is offering you free concert tickets for a little of your time. All you have to do is sign up to some newsletters (I suggest you to make special e-mail account for that so you won’t get flooded), visit some website and this way earn points, which you can later exchange for concert tickets.

2If you have a blog, you can join EventChaser at All you have to do is sign up and provide your details (including name and website) and soon you can choose events you want to visit free – for the price of writing about the event later on.

3You can also try to apply for bloggers pass for major music events and concerts. More and more entertainers acknowledge bloggers as journalists and if you have a popular blog with quality content, you have a great chance to get free pass.

4Listen to the radio. Stations often give out free concert tickets if you call in at the right time (for example being 5th caller or so on). Check out whether other stations in your area might be giving away concert tickets also! And be ready to dial and redial as fast as you can.

5Get in touch with the promoter for a press pass. Set up a fake website which you can fill with new feeds to earn some credibility.

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