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There are numerous ways to look at dancing – for some species of birds, it is a mating ritual; for some humans, it is an art by which one expresses their deepest emotions; to other humans it is a way of socially interacting with other people; for others it’s just fun, whereas for a latter category, dancing is a dreadful burden. I myself belong to the last category. It’s like I have two left feet when it comes to dancing, and whenever an opportunity arises to dance, I find excuses. My friends used to tell me to just get on the dance floor and move to the rhythm of the music, but I was always embarrassed. The idea of taking some dance lessons then came to me. There are some ways in which we could get free dance lessons include the following:

1 Ask a friend

The general perception is that social groups are homogenous within and heterogeneous in comparison to other groups. While this is generally true, each individual is unique and as such possesses unique skills. While the members of a group could be united by work-related interests, or they might be joined by a common socio-cultural background, they will reveal different and diverse aptitudes. One will for instance know how to draw, while another one will be able to sing.

Given this composition of the social group then, it is almost certain that one member in your circle of friends can dance. You will identify this ability if you pay attention at parties or in conversations. Ergo, the first means of getting free dance lessons is that of asking a friend to help you. They should generally say Yes, but in case they are initially reticent, you should try to convince them through arguments you know work for that person, such as calling in a personal favor, owing them one, or offering to do them a favor.

2 Dance studios

The second opportunity is a less ethical one, so it should not be abused. It revolves around the fact that, like any other company, dance studios strive to attract customers. A means by which they do this is that of offering the first dance lesson for free. If the customer is satisfied, he will return for a second, paid lesson. So, the second method to getting free dance lessons is that of identifying the studios which offer this free first lesson, and going to all first lessons spotted.

Aside morality, this possibility reveals the shortage of not offering consistency. Say for instance that a studio offers the first lesson on waltz, another teaches tango, another salsa and so on. For an individual who picks up easily on dancing, or has some previous experience, the scenario could fit right in. To a two left feet person like myself, however, this possibility would not be of much use.

Second strategy is to make a deal with them. You bring in x amount of new clients and in return will get a free course. If you have lot`s of real or even online friends, it is quite easy to pull this off!

3 The internet

Whenever one searches for a particular item, service, answer or anything else, the internet seems like the perfect place to find it. This is a true supposition for dancing lessons as well. You could find brief, but useful, dancing lessons on Youtube. The video at this link for instance presents the basic salsa steps for beginners. You could also go to or to and find all the information you need to learn how to dance. The benefit of this method is that you can pause and rewind as many times as you need, and that you can learn to dance in the privacy of your own home. You will however need a partner.
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