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How to Get Free Upgrade on Cruise

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1There is no guaranteed way to get a free upgrade on cruise, but there are things you can do to make it more probable. First, book a guarantee in the cabin level of your choice. The price is lower for a guarantee. For instance - if you want a balcony cabin - you can book a balcony guarantee. When close to cruising time they are assigning cabins, the crew will put you in a remaining cabin equal to or better than the level that you paid for. You will not know what cabin you are assigned until embarkation. However, there is no guarantee you will be upgraded. It depends on what cabins have not been booked and paid for, cruise company is also taking into consideration how much you originally paid, how often you cruise with them, how many are in your party, etc.

2Two weeks prior to your leaving, call the cruise company and ask, if there are any free upgrades. They will move you up for free, but only for the category you have. This happens, if there are any rooms available.

3Do not book an inside room hoping to get an ocean view or balcony. You would most likely be very disappointed.

4Some people believe that it’s better to book your cruise directly through cruise line, rather than through travel agent. Cruise lines often have sales that include several category upgrades.

5But there is also a chance that your travel agent knows special – then ask him/her for upgrade! He/she may be able to give you hints and inside information on how to get a free upgrade.

6If you've had enough cruises on RCLC for a diamond plus rating, they will give you an upgrade two weeks prior to the sailing if one is available.

7You also have bigger chance to get upgraded, if you cruise with a line the first time.

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