How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks

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Starbucks recently announced that they will be offering free wifi for their customers through AT&T. But that’s not as simple as to just ipen your laptop and start surfing. There are few things you need to know and do before using free wifi with your delicious coffee.

1To get your two hours of free wifi in Starbucks you must buy a Starbucks Reward Card with minimum of $5 credit on it. To keep a card active you must use it at least once a month.

2Customers also must sign up for the free wifi online at To do so go to address, then click „Sign up“ and follow the procedure through, filling in required fields.

3Once you’ve registered your Reward Card you are entitled to two hours of free wifi access per day.

4The free service is only for two hours and must be used in a single session. New members will also get a voucher for a free drink.

5Check your DSL status. If you are AT&T's DSL customer, you will also have free access to wifi at Starbucks.

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