How to Go to College for Free

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Most parents would love for their child to get a good college education and not to be in massive debt when they get their degree. Tuition prices at private colleges and universities average almost $24,000, and that's not including room and board. But getting a free education isn’t as impossible as it sounds! There are plenty of ways to get a free higher education.

1Get a scholarship. Scholarship can be based on your academic merits, your proficiency at sports or even on your devotion to public service. And that’s not all – there are hundreds of different programs that award scholarships. Check out page for any help with applying for scholarship.

2There are scholarships out there that only require you to register with their site to be eligible to win. These are typically held in lottery fashion, with winners being chosen at random.

3Get a grant. Difference between scholarship and grant is that while scholarship is awarded on personal merit and/or need basis, a grant is only given on need basis.

4Join armed forces. Recruits are put through college using the Active Duty M.G.I.B (for more information check out or the Reserve M.G.I.B. The first one allows to use for educational purposes up to $37 000 per enlisted person, the last one up to $10 000. There are also military scholarships available in every branch of service through their Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC). ROTC allows students to get scholarship money for college now and pay it back through service in the U.S. military.

5Talking about military – the most well-known full-scholarship college is the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, which offers free college tuition in exchange for five years of service after graduation.

6You also have an option to get a tuition reimbursement. Many larger companies (Blockbuster, Discover Card etc) offer 100% tuition reimbursement program (check out Requirements differ from program to program – with some you only have to keep a certain GPA throughout a semester, other companies may only endow courses that are work-related

7But there are also full-scholarship colleges. Yes, they have been one of the higher education’s best-kept secrets. Full-scholarship colleges are institutions that guarantee to cover the entire student-body's tuition. There are only a handful of such schools in the U.S., which is one reason they are often overlooked by students, parents, and high school guidance counselors during the college search. Business Week rounded up 10 colleges that offer students a free education and to find full-scholarship colleges, check out this link: Maybe you find a suitable one for you from that list!

8But be prepared: full-scholarship colleges may range from an urban college (Cooper Union in New York’s East Village) to a remote, all-male school in the California desert (Deep Springs College). Also, many of them are specialized institutions that focus on engineering (F.W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts) or on music (Curtis Institute in Pennsylvania). Some of them have mandatory work-study programs (College of Ozarks, Berea College in Kentucky).

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