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How to Make Your Own Cheese

Created by johnny 2010-05-28 10:25:36
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Ever had a craving for cheese but found out that the store has run out of your favorite curd? You need not curb your enthusiasm for curd since you can easily make one yourself. All you need is a ton of patience and some measuring spoons, stainless steel pot, dairy thermometer and cheesecloth.

The best thing about making your own cheese is that you can use any type of milk such as those from sheep, goat or cow. You can also use a carton of fresh milk right out of your fridge. Prepare 2 cups of your preferred milk, 4 teaspoons full of lemon juice or vinegar.

Follow these simple steps:

1 In a stainless steel pot, pour the milk and make sure you bring it to a boil using low yet constant heat. As much as possible, stir it constantly. This is to avoid the milk from burning. Continue on stirring until you see bubbles forming at the sides. Using a dairy thermometer, check if its temperature has reached to 175 degrees F.

2 After which, turn the heat off and pour lemon juice or vinegar. Stir all of these gently. Observe how, after the vinegar has been added, the milk turns into curds and whey. Basically, curds are the solid particles and the whey is the liquid. It is the curds which will later turn into cheese.

3 Add another 30 seconds of stirring. After 30 seconds, allow it to sit for ten minutes.

4 Using a cheesecloth, drain the whey away from the curds. Then, let it again stand whilst draining for an additional five minutes more. If you do not have cheesecloth, you can easily use a handkerchief – make sure it is clean though.

5 While the cheese is still inside the cloth, press it enough to get most of the moisture out.

6 You could now place the cheese in the mold you desire or you could simply mold the cheese in a ball.

7 Do make sure that you refrigerate the cheese first before eating.

Voila! Your very own homemade cheese!

For added taste as well as to add a bit of zing to your cheese, add spices and herbs. If you want to really be different, drop some food coloring and be prepared to eat pink cheese, green cheese and – literally - blue cheese.

Also, do not forget to place your cheese in the refrigerator as letting your cheese stay out in room temperature could cause it to spoil.
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Great info. Thank you. Will do it.
added 2010-06-01 13:56:28
Baidzar Minagossian
Hi! Johnny, since I am a cheese and no other food
satisfies me for breakfast,I am definitly going to try your
recipe and of course save money.

Best regards
added 2010-06-04 22:21:56
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