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How To Make Your Own Distilled Water For Free

Created by johnny 2010-05-28 10:23:29
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Since our body is basically made up of 70% water, it is just fitting that the water we consume is clean and distilled for our own benefit. Fortunately, you need not continually purchase bottles upon bottles of distilled water because you can simply make one at home. All you need is a stainless steel pot, a glass bowl and ice.

1 Start by filling a stainless steel pot (half-full) – the size of which is preferably three to five gallons - with tap water.

2 Then, using a round glass bowl, place it on the water inside the pot making sure the bowl does not touch the pot’s bottom. If there is sufficient enough water inside the steel container, the bowl will easily float. However, if in case it doesn’t float, try placing a circular baking rack at the stainless pot’s bottom.

3 The third step is to make a condensation effect by using the container’s lid and inverting it. Then, add ice onto the inverted lid. The idea is to form a heat and cold barrier which then produces a condensation effect. Essentially, the meeting of hot steam and the cold lid is – in effect – condensation.

TIP: The cover must be securely fit in order to let out very little steam.

4 After which, turn the stove on and heat the tap water until it boils. As it boils, note how steam rises and condenses on the pot cover’s convex side. This steam will then convert back into liquid and drip down to the bowl.

TIP: Make sure to check that the steam water is indeed going down onto the bowl and that the steam is large enough to capture as much steam water.

5 The last step is to remove the pot from the heat as well as remove the lid. Do note that you might need to first ladle off any ice water. Also, distilled water which has dripped from the cover of the pot should now be inside the glass bowl. Make sure to use thick gloves or potholders to remove the glass bowl as it will definitely be hot. Before placing the distilled water inside a bottle, make sure it has cooled first.

TIP: When making your own distilled water, do not let the pot boil dry.

Voila! Your very own distilled water made by and to be drunk by you. It’s not easy but it’s surely worth it.
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