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How to set up your own online radio for free

Created by Liza 2010-07-21 11:22:59
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Want to start a radio revolution?
If you have always wanted to make your own radio show, this article will serve you well. Get your radio streaming live, online, for free. If you know what you are looking for, you do not need to pay any fees. You can use very simple free programs to get your own radio online. Reach millions of people every day. With this guide the only thing you will have to worry about is to figure out, what you want to say.

What you need
You will need a computer with a sound card, most computers have sound cards included. You will also need couple of microphones, nothing too expensive, normal ones will do the work well. Finally, you will need the streaming radio software. This articles lists examples of free software. You can also use cell phones to stream live from distant locations. If you are really into radio, you can get a small recorder and expand to radio documentaries. Use your imagination, radio has no limits.

Step one: Download the program
Step two: Install and configure the program
Step three: Stream online. From live voices and recordings, to music or distant interviews.

Radio software work like webcams, but they stream audio instead of video. A good collection of mp3 to shock and rock the world or be played in the background when you talk will add a personal touch to your programs. Your radio will be online, so anyone will be able to access it through cell phones, computers and ipads. If you make a deal with ground antennas, you can transmit AM or FM frequencies. All you need is dedication and non stop radio will.

At Shoutcast,, when they say radio, they mean business. And when they say free, they mean absolute freedom. Shoutcast is one of the pioneer companies that has been providing radio and has been streaming online since the very beginning of the online radio evolution.

Shoutcast provides two options. You can set up your own server or you can find a host from a third party. What does this mean? This means you can stream from shoutcast web address x or you use your own domain (.com).

Download Shoutcast programs at

Once you have downloaded the program, follow the guides. Your new online radio will stream whatever it is your computer is playing.How does this work? The software has a small application provided by Shoutcast Radio called DSP. The DSP is a software plug-in for Winamp player ( that is used to broadcast your playlist or a live source.

How do they work?
Other companies provide other programs and services that work in the same way. They will give you a web address to stream from or you can use your own. They will provide you with free software which comes with live plug-in. When people log into your radio web address, they will not need additional software to listen to your radio shows.

What are the companies that provide free radio services?
Apple QuickTime, provides QuickTime Streaming Server. Stream your live and on-demand media in real time to the desktop or mobile phone with this industrial-strength, standards-based server. Quick time is not free, but the rates are so accessible that they will save you a lot of money. Download this unique program one time and it will give you all you need for a lifetime.

Other companies that offer similar services are Real Player’s Helix available at, Blog Talk Radio at and the long time standing Peer Cast that can be found at

You do not need to be an expert in technology. All you need need is the desire to win over the new radio waves. Improvise, create, express yourself, do interviews, monologues, talk fast, slow or make people think. Inspire and imagine, the radio waves used to travel through air, now they travel through the world wide web.

This article is not responsible for content, services, or software provided by external websites. This article does not represent any company, group, individual or organisation. This article is not responsible for readers personal interpretations or decisions. This article provides information on how to set up your own free radio. This article is not responsible for any damage caused by downloading software.
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