How to watch TV Shows online for free

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If you don’t have a TV at home but you’d still like to be a part of great magical world of on-screen drama and comedy, there are plenty of places for you to watch TV-shows online. First of all I suggest you to check out series’s home pages – often networks offer to watch last episode online for free. But if you favorite show doesn’t have that option on their homepage (or doesn’t have a homepage at all), here are 15 ways to watch TV shows online.

1Networks like ABC offer you chance to watch episodes of their popular TV shows online. Visit to watch, also check out (click on „Watch video“ link),,,, (click on „video“ and then „full episodes“).

2Free TV at lists thousands of TV and movie links online.

3TVShow7 at is completely free alternative to cable television, that lets you watch TV shows online.

4Tape It Off The Internet at uses the web to put together all sorts of information about TV shows, and let you the audience edit and add to that. Of course you can watch episodes online for free, only for the “price” of registering.

5PPLive at is a most popular net TV in the world, which lets you to watch domestic and oversea movies and TV series. You only have to download their program (it’s free) and you’re ready to watch whichever channel you like!

6TV-Video at offers you all the latest TV shows (like 30 Rock, Bones, House, Doctor Who etc).

7 Choose And Watch at is a completely free alternative to cable or satellite television and lets you watch TV online in your browser.

8Channel King at is a simple way to watch totally free Internet TV. You just have to select a channel genre, then choose a channel you’re interested in watching and then just sit back and relax, as you’re streaming 100% free live Internet television.

9Project Free TV at offers you also a chance to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies online for free.

10TV Duck at lets you watch your favorite TV shows online, of course for free.

11At FlickPeek ( you can watch online movies, TV shows, cartoons and TV shows. All for free.

12Veoh ( features millions of online videos including free TV shows.

13At Alluc ( you can watch free full length TV shows, cartoons, anime, movies, music videos, sport videos and documentaries.

14Sidereel ( lists lots of movies and TV shows which you can watch online.

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Nice list thanks for sharing!
added 2010-01-28 17:11:56
Great list! With all these options I don't know why people continue to pay big bucks for cable & satellite TV (?)
added 2010-08-13 17:16:47
Paul A Vander Schans Jr
Thank you for the email and infomation.
added 2010-11-04 07:19:13
thank for giving this nice website to users
added 2010-12-20 13:41:18
maureen b calnan
thanks- i,ve been off tv for almost a year.- i'm glad but I need a fix once in a while. I hope I can find animal planet.
added 2010-12-29 06:03:50
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added 2011-03-26 01:56:51
Thank you for information,why many people pay to watch TV when one can watch for free?
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