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Created by RippedScott 2009-10-29 13:56:34
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I need to add muscle fast, but there's 50,000,000 freakin' different products out there and I'm not sure where to begin. "If this sounds a little familiar to something you have heard yourself mutter, you're not on your own.

first off, you do not always need additions to gain muscle. they'll definately help you create muscle a lot faster.

Additions are simply tools to boost your muscle building potential.

most of the people start out with a multi-vitamin, protein, and creatine. Straight off there are a few kinds of additions which make muscle grow, recover, and reconstruct quicker. Here's a listing of the top supplement types folks use to provide the most impressive results.

* Protein
* Natracut
* Acai Force

* Creatine
* Glutamine
* Multi-Vitamin
* Natural Test Booster
* Growth Hormone
* NO (Nitric Oxide)
* Anti-Estrogens
* Protein Bars
* Amino Acids
* Methoxy, Ecdy

If you go to my blog story you can get Natracut and Acai Force for Free, you just need to pay the shipping and handling but theres promo codes to get discounts down to 1 or 2 dollars.

Free Natracut and Acai Force, Scotts Blog
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