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Save your money and make your own baby wipes

Created by Nellie 2010-07-21 14:21:52
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The best thing about making your own baby wipes is that you not only save your hard earned money, you also know that the baby wipes you made yourself are free from dangerous or harsh chemicals which may dry your baby’s sensitive skin.

The best time to wipe babies off is after they have had a bowel movement and not after they have peed. Doing so helps the baby to avoid diaper rash.

1 First thing to do is to choose the paper towel to use for the baby wipes. As much as possible, paper towels should not fall apart or mold easily. Then, cut the paper towel roll in half using a knife (an electric knife would be easier). Then, remove the inner core cardboard.

2 You can start making the actual baby wipe. You can use a tablespoon of baby oil, a cup of water and two tablespoons full of baby shampoo (or your choice of baby bath).

Another baby wipe recipe would be to use two tablespoons of baby wash, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and two cups of water.
3 Then, combine the liquid ingredients of your selected baby wipe recipe. Place the mixture in a cylinder container.

4 Get the paper towels and place these in the container making sure that the cut portion faces downward. Cover the container tightly until all the liquid ingredients are absorbed by the paper towels. Then, the container needs to be turned upside down and leave it for approximately ten minutes.

5 After which, you can now open the container and begin the roll by pulling a paper towel from the roll’s inside. Voila! Your baby wipes are now ready to be used.

NOTE: It is important that the wipes be changed every single day as not doing so would make them smell musty.

TIP: Another option would be to place the liquid mixture in a small spray bottle. You then only need to wet the cloth wipe with lukewarm water and spray a spritz or two of the liquid baby wipe mixture on the cloth wipe or paper towel.

Actually, cotton is the softest and is highly advisable to be used compared to a paper towel.
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