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In this modern world of crisis, one never knows when a water filter can come in handy. More than 80 % of the people die in emergency situations after the natural disaster has passed. This is because they can not get clean water after the crisis has ended. Boiling water is ideal to get you through the emergency. But this is not enough. You need to filter the water before boiling it and drinking it. Here is how. This article is not responsible for the results of the readers experiment.

You will need a container (a bucket, a plastic bottle, etc).You will need to make several holes placed in circle on the bottom of the container. You will need soil. How to know what kind of soil to use? Simple, if there are plants around, then the soil they have used is good to filter the water. If the plant made it, you can make it too.

Make several small holes in the center of the bottom of your container. It would be a good idea to have several (in circles), this way you won't have to wait forever for the water to drain down the filter. Find a place and a way to keep the container, use anything at hand - ropes, tree branches, or hold it yourself if you have nothing.

In the bottom layer you can add cloth to act as the final filter, don’t add too much. Above that you need to create a space, but it should be stable. Rocks from the underground is a good idea. Just some. Now you should fill the container with soil. However, it would be wise to cover the container with cloth, such as a shirt, as you have to change the soil after using the filter. Pollutants and toxins in water, such as radiation are absorbed fast by the numerous reactions that occur in the soil, specially in presence of water. In simple words, put a cloth before putting the soil in.

Dig deep into the Earth about 25 to 35 cm (the length of your lower arm). As this is where the non affected and pure soil, which you can reach, is. Put the soil inside the container above the void space you created.

There are different types of filters, some use layers of sand, others add layers charcoal, rocks or gravels. The idea of filtering water is present in nature. Have in mind once again a plant or a tree, how does it get pure water? It filters it through a complex system of the organism, but uses soil as the main filter. There are thousands (maybe more) of biochemical processes that occur in the soil. Soil is filled with elements such as Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Phosphorus, and many other elements and minerals. These elements react with water. What you are actually doing, is passing it through a biochemical natural process of filtering by reactions. Soil, as everything in nature, tends to eliminate the toxins of the system. Soil will absorb the elements and let the water pass. This occurs due to electronic configurations of atoms and molecules. The important thing here is that by imitating nature.

Once you have filtered the water, you have to boil it before drinking it. Filtering water is essential before boiling, as there are many impurities that need to be filtered before you can drink safely the water. Just filter it, if you want to survive.

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