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Valentine’s Day is getting closer and your sweetheart is longing for a great celebration? You might be a fan of this day, or you might as well believe that love does not need a specific day to be remembered, as it must be always present.
One way or another you cannot miss the opportunity to make him/her happy. More than that, you don’t even have to spend spectacular amounts of money for this. Always remember that beauty comes from small things. Here are some ideas on how you can make your soul-mate smile and love you even more, with minimum effort. And minimum spending...

1 Romantic movie. Think of replacing the classical cinema evening with a movie at your own place. You don’t need to buy tickets and you are allowed to drink wine during the movie. Not to mention that you can offer your date a romantic atmosphere with candles and perfume sticks. That's what Valentine’s Day is all about.

2 Original present. As you are probably thinking of a gift for Valentine's Day, why not make it original? Producers have developed a real industry based on possible love presents, from the cheapest to the most incredibly expensive offers. And why not admit it, they all look similar. Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife with an original idea that would make him/her see how much you appreciate your relationship and the person besides you. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated, but it is compulsory to be personal. Here are some ideas you can use:

Make a hand-made frame, with your favorite or most representative photo as a couple. Write some thoughts, feelings of yours on the back of the photo. Something that this photo makes you think of, the feelings that overwhelm you have when you remind the moments caught on the picture. You can extend the idea to a whole photo album, with your own commentaries that would follow each image.

Make a selection of your favorite songs or the ones that remind you of great moments spent together. If movies are your specialty, select touching scenes that you remember he/she liked. There’s nothing more pleasant than to see the one you love paying attention to your smallest remarks.

3 Sweets: Candies? Why not cookies? Why not home made? You will be doing great when preparing something sweet, just for your partner. He/she will surely appreciate your efforts, and you will become his/her unforgettable valentine.

4 Surprise. If your idea of Valentine’s Day is to go out, think of replacing a dinner at an expensive restaurant with another type of “going out”. Choose a significant place for you two: the place where you first met, the bench of your first kiss. This would be the perfect place for the perfect “I love you”.

Whatever you choose, make sure you will have some great moments. And remember, if love doesn’t cost a thing, neither should Valentine’s.
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