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Top 10 Sites to Find Free Recipes

Created by laura 2009-09-29 14:20:52
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1Do you love to eat? Then Epicurious ( is the right site for you. But it is more than online cookbook – they offer you the very best recipes, cooking features, and video how-to’s on the Web. You can even download iPhone app to get your favorite recipes and even shopping lists! is a beautiful site containing over 4000 recipes, all illustrated with colorful photos. is a site dedicated to revealing all those „secret“ recipes behind popular brands. Now you can make Applebees Almond Rice Pilaf at home yourself! is a culinary portal: “the chef's practical guide to practically everything”. On the site you can find everything from online cooking lessons to hundreds of delicious recipes. is a recipe and cooking site offering free recipes, articles on entertaining and menu planning, helpful cooking tips and charts, a cooking dictionary.

6The On-Line Cookbook at hasn’t got a very flashy design, but it’s extremely useful, containing huge collection of variety of recipes. You can even add your own!

7If baking is your thing, visit, where you can find hundreds of recipes and step-by-step tutorials how to bake from scratch.

8If spicy and exotic Chinese food is your favorite, then check out – it’s a large online cookbook containing Chinese food recipes hand-picked from a variety of sources, indexed by type of food, cooking technique and regional cuisine.

9You crave for something Italian? Then check out - beautifully designed online cookbook containing all Italian recipes, illustrated with gorgeous pictures.

10If you are looking for Portuguese recipes, then turn to This site is dedicated to collecting Portuguese food recipes and you will surely find something delicious to make for dinner.

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