Top 10 Websites That Offer Free Weather Forecasts

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Difficulty: gives you your local weather forecast if you enter your ZIP or name of the city. It also has a plug-in which you can add to your desktop and check weather conditions quickly. You can also browse through maps and see what weather all over the world is like. offers also the same searching option (by city and/or ZIP), but it’s more professional and has more features. The newest feature offers global weather forecast in 33 languages on AccuWeather international site. is a weather site recommended by NASA and you can quickly find your local forecast by entering ZIP code or name of the city. It’s simple and easy to use. You can also add FreeWeather to your browser’s search box. automatically finds your location and shows you current weather at your home town. You can also see 7-day forecast and weather history and it has 10 million available locations to see what weather is like all over the world. is a source for reliable city weather forecasts out to six days. Each location also has an info map, webcams, current weather conditions, our unique "weatherfinder" tool plus interactive weather maps. provides 100% clutter-free current weather, weather forecast and weather averages for 70,000+ locations in the United States plus 6,500+ locations worldwide.

7BBC Weather ( lets you search for a location and use maps to see the weather all over the world. It also has lots of other features, like climate guides, inshore weathers, coastal, shipping and sports forecasts.

8Yahoo!Weather ( lets you search for a location by ZIP code or name but you can also browse through US and international forecasts, see weather maps and also read weather news and reports.

9Weather Online ( is also easy and simple tool for weather forecasts. In addition to maps and location search it offers more interesting features, like for example maps that show duration of sunshine.

10Weather Underground ( has all the basic options to see weather forecasts – maps, browsing and search. They also have features like solar calculator and forecast flyer which you can use to promote your current events and also give your guests information about current weather.

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