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Where To Find Cheap Flights Within Europe?

Created by tom 2010-04-15 11:56:33
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It's spring already and summer is coming closer day by day. These are the days when we start to think about vacations, traveling and moving around more. But if money is tight, we can't just hop on a next random flight with a random air carrier. Instead, we tend to search for flights that wouldn't cost us a fortune. But where, how? Which airlines are the cheapest?

Before we start talking about specific airlines, I suggest you to check out Skyscanner. While not anything unique, it is a great system for searching for cheap flights around the world. Their database contains hundreds of different airlines and searches are made live from their flight databases. However, once you do find a good flight using Skyscanner, be sure to confirm it from the direct airline website as well. Even though you can use Skyscanner's site to directly book a flight as well.

Now, if you're based in Europe and want to know what are the best or cheapest airlines out there, here's a list for you.

Ryanair Without a doubt, it is one of the cheapest airlines out there, with cheapest tickets starting from EUR 5 and if you have time to make some research on their site, you're bound to find some cheap flights to wherever you want to go. But keep in mind that even though their flights are cheap (as are the taxes of airports they flight to), there are some hidden fees involved. Baggage fees, fees for paying with your credit card, fees for online check-in. They even wanted to add a fat-tax (which they didn't though). So when making a reservation, it's a smart thing to assume at least EUR 15-25 extra per ticket. And if it ends up being cheaper, that's only good. Just be prepared. It's good to buy tickets at least 2 weeks ahead for better prices.

Easyjet - The second big airline in Europe, but with prices often a lot higher than the cheap versions of Ryanair. In case of Easyjet, for better prices, it's a good idea to buy the tickets at least a month or more ahead.

Wizz Air - Just a bit less known name maybe. Their first flight took off in 2004 and they are still flying offering over 150 different routes.

Tuifly - German low-cost airline. In addition to flying within Europe, they also have flights to Northern America as well as Bangkok.

Jet4you โ€“ a really cheap airline for flight between Europe and Morocco.

Airbaltic โ€“ offers cheap flights within, to and from the Baltics to other countries in Europe as well as Central Asia and Middle East.

Couple of other airlines that might be worth checking out are Norwegian โ€“ mainly for flying to and from Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Condor often has great EUR 49 shorthaul offers and EUR 149 longhaul offers. Note though that these prices don't usually include the airport taxes. And you could also check out Air Berlin

While these are definitely not the only cheap airlines flying in Europe, from my experience these are the only ones usually worth checking out. Higher-priced Lufthansa has new good offers pretty much every week, but their good offers are often good only compared to their own normal prices, not compared to tickets offered by cheap airlines. But Lufthansa as well as FinnAir do have some really great longhaul offers available every once in a while. So depending on your wishes, they might be worth checking out.
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