Where to Find Free Doughnuts

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June the 5th is declared to be National Doughnut Day. Every year this day you will get free doughnuts from almost every major doughnot shop there is. Just step in and have a bite!

If you don’t have a patience to wait until next June, you may want to join Friends of Krispy Kreme network. It gives you discounts and occasional free products if you join. Go to www.krispykreme.com to get more information.

Sometimes you can get free doughnuts from Dunkin’ Doughnuts or Krispy Kreme, if you buy certain items. Check your local shop to find out what you must do to get your free desert!

If you are a honor student then take your report card and visit your local Krispy Kreme – they will give you one regular doughnut per A (up to ten A’s) on a report card.

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