Where to Find Free e-Books

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1The oldest producer of free e-books on the Internet is Gutenberg Project. Visit them at www.gutenberg.org.

2Site called Free Books at www.freebooks.com will help you find books you like. Some of the different types of books are free Christian books, free e-books, and free downloadable books.

3Youtube of books, Scribd at www.scribd.com is an open library to publish and discover documents – including books – online.

4Google powered online search engine of e-books: eBook Search at ebooksearchr.googlepages.com.

5Google Book Search (books.google.com/advanced_book_search) lets you read the classics online.

6Internet Archive at www.archive.org is like a paper library, providing free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

7Word Public Library at www.worldlibrary.net has more than 750,000 e-books for download.

8The Online Books Page at onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu lists over 35,000 free books on the web.

9Wowio at www.wowio.com is a new kind of online bookstore and shop for e-books. With Wowio, you can read complete books online for free or pay to download PDF versions of the same e-books.

10 Pink Monkey (www.pinkmonkey.com) has over 460 free study guides, book notes, book reviews, online chapter summaries, notes and analysis of literature titles.

11At Baen Free Library (www.baen.com/library) you can find number of their sci-fi and fantasy books available for free.

12BookRags at www.bookrags.com is a unique online resource for just about anything – BookRags offers research material in the form of e-books. There's content on everything from acid rain to the Hamlet. Currently, there are nearly 4 million unique pages of content on BookRags.com

13The Internet Public Library www.e-book.com.au/freebooks.htm has over 20 000 books online.

14www.getfreeebooks.com is a free e-books site where you can download free books.

15Bookyards’ (www.bookyards.com) goal is to be "The Library To The World", a web portal in which books, education materials, information, and content will be freely to anyone who has an internet connection. They have over 800,000 e-books available.

16On Feedbooks (www.feedbooks.com) you'll discover thousands of public domain books and original books from new authors that you can read on any mobile device.

17At Wikibooks (en.wikibooks.org) you will find free textbooks.

18Daily Lit at www.dailylit.com sends you free excerpt from a book to your email each day. Next day you’ll get next chapter and so on, until the book is finished. Some books are not free, but there a plenty that are.

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