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Where To Find Free Public Records

Created by Liza 2010-05-27 10:45:09
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Everyone is out to make a buck. And if they can, they will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge as well.

There are many different occasions when you might need to obtain a public record. Be assured that there are lots of companies out there who will be happy to find these free public records for you - for a fee.
But you have the options to make the same searches for yourself and for free.

Here are a few of the sites that we checked out.

Publicrecords is one of these online search companies that provides thousands of links to free public searches for every county and state in the Unites States. Although most of the links are free, some agencies do charge for the records and these charges are passed on to you, the consumer. There are all sorts of public records available including marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, criminal records and background checks, just to name a few.

Search calls itself the largest directory of free public records and online services on the internet. In addition to the items mentioned earlier, this company also offers corporate information, property records, professional licensees and much more.

At the Public Record Center there are billions of records available for searching in both governmental and public links. This company promises to update their links hourly as well as to check for broken ones. They also do searches throughout all the states and cover the same topics as those mentioned above. Additional topics for searching that have not yet been mentioned here include: Adoptions, asset searches, bank searches, birthday searches, copyrights and trademarks, DMV records, genealogy searches, military records, missing children, most wanted lists, sex offenders and the U.S. census.

VitalRec is a site that explains how to obtain vital records such as birth certificates, death records and marriage licenses and divorce decrees from each state as well as running an international section where you can get similar information on foreign countries.

If you are looking for a specific search item, there are sites that let you do that as well. For example, if you are looking to find U.S. government information, you can go straight to where every agency that handles U.S .public records can be found.

There are sites that show you maps and sites that show you names, addresses and telephone numbers. There are even sites that work backwards, you put in the phone number or address and you can get the name of the party that lives there.

Practically any type of information you are looking for can be found for free on the internet. The key is knowing where to look. And we hope you have just managed to provide you at least some main places to start your search.
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