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Where to Find Free Wedding Catalogues

Created by kim 2009-10-20 13:58:28
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1Marilyn Keepsakes offers you free catalogue if you fill out the form at You can also call them at (888) 932-7433 to get the catalogue faster.

2From The Centerpiece Store you can get their latest catalogue for free, if you go to Their catalogue offers hundreds of ideas for centerpieces, floorstands, glass votive cups, candles and much more.

3Exclusively Weddings sends you a free catalogue if you provide them with some information. Go to to claim your free catalogue.

4To get a free Get Married Magazine, go to and register. You will receive your free catalogue promptly.

5To get a free copy of JCPenny bridal magazine, stop by their store or call 1-800-JCP-GIFT.

6Central Florida Bride is all free publication. To get their latest issue go to, fill out the form and your copy of Central Florida Bride will arrive shortly.

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