Where to Get Free MySpace Templates

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1GetOnMySpace (www.getonmyspace.com) has thousands of free MySpace layouts, MySpace 2.0 layouts, MySpace comment codes, free MySpace layouts editor, MySpace skins and more.

2MySpace Layout Spy at www.myspacelayoutspy.com claims to be world's most comprehensive free MySpace layouts site with more than 40 000 free MySpace layouts, MySpace backgrounds, MySpace contact tables and more.

3People at Pyzam (www.pyzam.com/myspacelayouts) create new MySpace layouts daily and they have hundreds of categories.

4Free MySpace Graphics www.freemyspacegraphics.com offers, as referred in their name, free MySpace graphics, also free MySpace comments, MySpace images, adult comments, free pictures and much more.

5My Profile Pimp at www.myprofilepimp.com has over 200 customizable flash layouts and dozens of categories to choose your new MySpace layout from.

6Free Layouts offer also free MySpace layouts at www.freelayouts.com/myspace-layouts

7www.freemyspacelayouts.ca has hundreds of free layouts.

8Halee’s Hot Free Layouts at www.hotfreelayouts.biz categorize all of their MySpace layouts into groups such as animated layouts, retro layouts and more.

9www.freemyspacebackgrounds.net lets you make your MySpace looks unique and beautiful.

10www.profilestyling.com helps you easily style and customize your MySpace profile.

11Free Code Source at www.freecodesource.com offers free MySpace layouts and backgrounds and more.

12All For MySpace at www.allformyspace.com has dozens of different backgrounds, all categorized.

13www.wonderbackgrounds.com has few dozen categories which help you find perfect layout for your MySpace profile.

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