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FREE Sample of Dentiva or Salese

FREE Sample of Dentiva or Salese. Are you looking for a long-lasting oral health lozenge? Try Dentiva.  Are you looking for lasting relief from dry mouth? Try Salese.  Just fill out the online form with your selection and your details to get your FREE Sample.


Here’s why Dentiva and Salese are so effective:

Dentiva is great for when you can’t brush or floss. Like Zicam and Coldeeze, Dentiva contains zinc. Dentiva’s advantage is a sustained-delivery technology that provides a continuous release of zinc (up to one hour) versus hard candies which last minutes. The natural ingredients in Dentiva (the same germ-fighting essential oils found in Listerine) capture and eliminate volatile sulfur compounds and kill plaque bacteria which generates bad breath and other oral health problems.

The ingredients of conventional dry mouth rinses (e.g. Biotene) and lozenges are washed away within minutes. Our patented technology allows Salese to slowly dissolve while continuously releasing ingredients over a prolonged period of time*; providing continuous relief of dry mouth symptoms.

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