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July 15, 2013

Free Dominos Pizza for MLB.TV Subscribers

Domino's Pizza offers customers a full menu to choose from, including four types of pizza crust (thin, hand-tossed, deep dish and Brooklyn Style). When a pitcher throws a no-hitter this season, the first 10,000 MLB.TV subscribers who visit the link below and register after the first two no-hitters will receive a code valid for a free medium two-topping handmade pan pizza from Dominos.
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May 30, 2013

TV Trivia - I'm in too!

Each evening, TV Trivia Games will be posted on the Site for most regularly-scheduled primetime broadcast network television shows, and will remain live until midnight the next night. Quizzes will be available for television movies, sporting events, and game shows as well. You can play up to 5 times per cycle, and you'll be awarded 100 points for each correct answer you submit for a question about a Primetime Show. You can then redeem your points for free gifts through their online boutique. You can choose from free movies, electronics, and cash sweepstake entries. Only @ RewardTV!
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