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Created by carlie 2010-08-09 21:42:03
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I have a special gift for you today 
which will take viral marketing to 
the next level.

I'm going to hand you the chance to 
grab over a DOZEN cash-producing 
and top-notch software.

And you can rebrand them with your 
own website and affiliate links.

It used to cost $27/month for access, 
but today... You get it for F-R-E-E!


Here's just a small fraction of what you'll 
be able to do with your own *viral software*:

==> Rebrand over a dozen different software 
titles filled with YOUR own banners and text links 

==> Profit by selling the software at full 
market value and earn the full amount. 

==> Give the rebranded software, loaded with 
your website links, away for f.ree as a lead 
generator and watch your list EXPLODE.

==> Present yourself as a valuable resource to 
new website visitors and past customers/readers. 
(and make them your raving fans!)

==> Collect hefty commissions & sales daily when 
others click on your banners & text links inside 
the software and purchases.

==> Experience a surge in traffic once your 
software makes it's way across the Internet... 
and users of the software see your websites 
prominently displayed.

And much much more!

You really need to check this out for
yourself to see how powerful it is:

This awesome "IM Buzz Software" membership
used to be available only for paid members.

But for a limited time now, you can sign up 
to gain instant *NO-COST* access to its
members area and start making your own 
cash-producing viral software in just 
a few minutes.

So be sure not to be left out while everyone
else takes advantage of this incredible
never-to-be-repeated opportunity.


To your success,

Uwe Liebsch

PS. Remember, slots are highly limited 

and they are fast getting snapped up. 
So don't hate yourself for missing out! 

Check it out now:


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