Getting a free beer anytime and anywhere would be like our deepest dream come true. Is it possible? Some say it is. Below you can find 12 ideas on how to get free beer.

1. Many beer establishments around the world have free beer specials. Why not try to take advantage of them. All you need to do is go to and look around.
2. Put your faith in someone who wants money from you before you can get your free beer. Now that sounds strange. Especially if it should happen you pay $6.99 and find out nothing useful. Ruins the purpose of searching for a free beer, especially if you are buying a number of similar ebooks. But if you’re curious, check it out –
3. If you’re frequent traveler, there are ways to get free beer during a flight.
– Help the flight attendant when you can, it might pay off for you.

– When someone wants to change seats with you, do that and maybe they are willing to buy you a beer in exchange for your “services”. Or if they include the flight attendant in the discussion, you might actually get a beer on the house.

– When someone is disturbing the passengers on the plane, the flight attendants often can’t do a thing. But you can and when you do, they might return the favor.

– Tell the flight attendant that you’re a regular customer and you like the company, you like the service and so on. Little ass-kissing can go a long way.

– Get the flight attendant to spill something on you “by accident”.

– Offer the flight attendant a big bill, $50, $100 or bigger, and apologize for not having a smaller bill – sometimes they just say to forget it and give you the beer for free instead.

– Sometimes it might work if you just asked for a free drink – as long as you seem like a great person, it might work!

– By the end of the day, you can do tricks, take advantage of people and get free beer this way. But just being nice and talkative might often be more helpful than anything else. And it wouldn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth either.
4. If you want a free beer, chances are you don’t have too much money, so why not change a job. Working at a brewery would definitely land you some regular free beer.
5. You can ask for free beer samples in nicer pubs – but you need to look nice yourself as well. If you’re drunk as hell and look like an arrogant homeless person, this definitely doesn’t work.
6. Working in a pub as a bartender has its advantages. But be selective – not all pubs offer free beer to its employees. Sometimes the free beer doesn’t have to be offered by the bar – instead, you could take it. From every 30l beer keg it’s normal that 1-5 liters of beer will be wasted in the beginning and the end of the barrel, drink some of it!
7. Become a pub or beer reviewer. Beer reviewers can get free samples from the breweries while pub reviewers can get free beer (among other things) for your reviews – especially if you are able to leave a nice and trustworthy impression of yourself. Our suggestion though – better to be a nice person as well. And don’t lie about being a reviewer, actually be one. Even though sometimes conducting an experiment as if you were a beer reviewer might be fun too.
8. Are you in Turkey right now? Allegedly you can walk into a shop, buy 4 cans of Efes beer, finish them, take back the empty bottles, and they’ll give you one free beer for just being good to the environment.
9. Or if you’re travelling to Spain and happen to find The Casa Pocho bar in Cullera (near Valencia) you could abuse the bartender. The owner of the bar will offer you a free beer if you can come up with some great original abusive phrases in Spanish.
10. Offer your friends the chance to get information on how to get a free beer, but before you do, get them to buy you a beer.
11. Beer focus groups. Whenever a new beer is introduced, the breweries hire people to get the opinion of beer drinkers. And thus beer focus groups are created. You might be invited to a beer focus group just for being in the right place in the right time. Even though, as a blind beer tester you only need to taste a couple of different beers, you get to take everything you didn’t drink during the testing phase with you. So the only thing you need to do is to be in the right time in the right place. Sometimes you could even get paid for being in the focus group.
12. Beer promotion. You could ask a beer brewery to sponsor something beer related – fun videos of you drinking their beer for example. These guys did it –
Or, you could just be a nice looking woman – if you are and you’re still reading this article – chances are there’s nothing wrong with your looks but rather your attitude.