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5 Things You Need to Consider Before Emigrating Overseas That Can Save You a Fortune

Created by tom 2010-03-04 11:12:12
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Let me ask you a quick question, what do everyone interested in moving overseas have in common? You answered right – the belief that somewhere else the grass is greener than where you are now.
Although this might be the actual case, looking below the green grass and searching for some mud under it might be a great idea before actually taking the leap into the unknown.

Know your reasons and have your inner-talk

Before you make the big decision of emigrating overseas, take a moment to think it through. Is it really what you want? Or is it some kind of social pressure that forces you to move?
Are your reasons real or are they just based on recent failures that you want to forget? If that’s the case, a short trip to Seychelles might just do the trick.
Whatever your reasons are – I’m not your judge; just make sure your reasons are valid.

Choose the right country

Decide on a couple of different possibilities and start your research. Do you like your own kind? Or are you emigrating never to see them again? If one of the reasons you want to emigrate overseas is to live with new and interesting people and not to see your old countrymen, don't be a Brit and don't go to Australia.

Do you know any other languages than your own? Do you know the new local language? Or if you don’t, do the people over there know yours? French people don’t.

Is the salary in the chosen country acceptable for you or do you have anything to do with your skills in their job market at all?
These are just some questions you need to be able to answer before making your final decision.

Do your research, prepare for surprises

In many countries, before soldiers go to Afghanistan for the "peacekeeping" missions, they have at least one test trip, which results in half of the soldiers putting their reserve applications on the table and run like hell.
As the soldiers see the sights first, so should you. And as do the soldiers, many of you who might want to emigrate overseas now, end up changing your mind after the test trips. It's normal. Changing your mind after you have already made the final move is a lot more problematic.
Know the immigration rules and history. Learn about the local visa system. A few years ago a young man from United States moved to Netherlands. Due to some mess-up with his visa, he traveled from his apartment to court and court to his apartment for a whopping 5 years followed by victory. But the headaches, and the fees paid to his lawyer, this all could have been avoided.

Look at your wallet and property

How's your current financial situation? How's the job market abroad? How old are you? No, I didn't ask the last question just to annoy you. If you're "old enough" you need to learn about the local pension system - how does it work for a guy like you? Will the pension be fixed or will it keep rising until the next financial crises that results in the loss of the entire country's pension funds. Just a thought.
And what about your earthly possessions, do you have a lot of things? Are you a light-weight mover or do you need the entire 9th deck of an oceanic cruiser to move your things? If you have lots of stuff, get rid of them - only this way can you make a true new beginning, cheaply. Or if you really feel the need to bring in all your broken cars, make sure you use a reputable moving company which at the same time wouldn't rob you broke.

Know what you leave behind

When you emigrate overseas, obviously it will be you, not you and everyone you know. How do you feel about that? Are you ready to leave them all behind? And if you are, do you still want to see them every once in a while? Often? Do you have the money to travel back and forth to keep visiting them?

Thinking everything through before making the big move is essential in order to be happy with your decision.
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Good Informative article. I am currently living in Lithuania and I am retired. I am not a permanent resident here I am a missionary.
I am going to Russia later this month, and it is proving to be much more expensive than I planned. Also, I am from Florida, and these Eastern European winters are murder.
Thanks for the interesting information. Yes Europe looks attractive, but there are fewer opportunities and many restrictions we don't even think of as Americans.
Thanks for shedding some light on the pros and cons of Emigration.
added 2010-03-06 08:27:04
Jessy Zachariah, Ms.
Excellent guide lines but I am afraid it is too late for my daughter who has already decided and partially paid for migrating to Canada. Well, i hope they have considered few of your points which are very important. Keep up the good work....
added 2010-03-09 12:28:22
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