5 Ways to Advertise for Free

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Advertising is the lifeblood of any business. Without it your business will surely wither and die. But the problem is that advertising can be so expensive these days. However, with a little business savvy you can run plenty of advertising campaigns at zero cost (particularly online).

Here are 5 ways to advertise for free:

1 Article marketing

2 Forum Marketing (put your link in sig)

3 Free classifieds

4 Press releases

5 Blog commenting

These are just a few free advertising idea joggers. Don't underestimate the power of them. It may seem like a short list - but done consistently over & over again they can produce amazing results!

For more free advertising tips visit my Increased Web Traffic hubpage. I actually wrote that for members of the hubpages community; however, the techniques can be applied to many other businesses and situations as well.
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I LOVE this site!!!
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this is too common sense now...
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