It’s Halloween and the best part of it – dressing up. But the times are rough and it’s not the smartest idea to go and purchase new clothes for only one evening. Here are seven ideas for costumes, that you already own. Just open your closet and be imaginative!
1.If you want to be Freddy Krueger for Halloween, take a look in your closet. If you have an old red sweater with green stripes, then put that on, add a fedora or a felt hat and you’re almost done. You can also make yourself a Krueger’s glove, using an old glove and making blades out of papier-mâché or cardboard. Cut out the blades, colour them silvery or cover with aluminium foil and attach to a glove with duct tape.
2.If you have a striped shirt lying around, you can use it to make two costumes. Add a cigarette and beret and voila, you’re French! But if you find somewhere a sailor’s hat and use a pen to “tattoo” your biceps, you can use the striped shirt to be a sailor.
3.Combine all your flower patterned long skirts with lots of jewellery, take deck of cards with you and commit yourself to fortune telling – because now you’re a gypsy and that’s what gypsies do.
4.If you have flannel shirt and jeans lying around, use them to make yourself a lumberjack or a builder. Maybe you can even find a hardhat to match your outfit.
5.Use all your close-fitting black clothes to put together a something catsuit-like, add a black scarf that covers your face and there you go – you’re a ninja!
6.Combine all your fashionable clothes, wear gorgeous pumps and all-in-all: make yourself as fashionable and high-end as possible. Take a laptop with you, order Cosmopolitans and you can proudly say that you’re Carrie Bradshaw for this evening. Or if you don’t want to be Carrie you can successfully be fashion blogger with the same outfit.
7.Maybe you have an old bridesmaid’s dress somewhere. Find it to make yourself a princess or a fairy. Use the aluminium foil to make yourself a crown and you’re ready to go.
8.To become a ghost all you need is an old white bed sheet to which you can cut eyeholes in. If you like something different, try to make toga out of the same sheet – and there you go, you can be Roman.