8 Pages Where You Can Watch Full Length Movies for free

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1Fancast.com offers you a chance to watch your favorite movies online for free. You can browse movies by genre or by titles.

2On Momomesh.com you can select a movie by using their sidebar menu or either choosing from movie genre or alphabetical order. Then you have to select a version of the movie – if selected doesn’t work, try another version! Then opens the Movie Page where you can choose the desired movie links to watch online.

3www.online-movies-free.com also lets you browse through hundreds of movies and choose the one you’d like to watch online.

4Videosurf.com/movies offers full length movies and movie clips to watch online.

5Moviewatchlist.com has also hundreds of movies which you can watch online with high streaming. No registration needed when you want to watch online, though if you want to download movies you will have to register.

6Movieswamp.com lets you search movies by title and watch films online.

7Flixter.com has full-length streaming movies you can watch online.


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Simona Movier
Great websites I would like to add my personal favorite:
added 2010-03-03 15:13:01
Those all have popups :(
added 2010-11-12 00:55:45
I tried all of the above. Some don't play at all, Some are only trailers, Some you have to join and pay. This one vcnzvgea has an actual free cestion that works. Sign up free go to menu > movie > free movies. Some you can download and watch later. Expires after 30 days. Not bad quality...
added 2010-12-16 16:25:20
thank , M going to paste link on http://SuperMNet.ocm free service !!
added 2011-02-27 17:36:35
added 2013-01-15 15:41:43
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