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Created by jackiebaird 2010-03-08 18:18:44
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what is Abraham's house? they are christ-centered non- profit organization. they have appliances, clothing, linens, baby items, electronics, beds-bedding, furniture, household items, they are located at chico alliance church, 3670 chico way nw in bremerton Wa. hours of giving is sat 10am-1pm, donations tue-fri 10am 4pm
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Tanyaneakia powe
My name is Tanyaneakia and i am a single mother of three kids me and my kids were homeless for 8 months due to me having cancer i was too sick to work. This was a hard and emotional time for us.I went from being aboe to take care of my kids to not being able to give them a place to live. i recently just got us a apartment but we have nothing to go in it no furniture no beds nothing...A friend told me about abrahams house and I called them the lady was so nice and caring and understanding she told me to just come on down and get what i needed...i started praing god immediately after i hung up the phone..I am so glad that god touches the heart of people like Mrs. Jackie to help others. I will never forget her..Thank you for everything you help give me and my kids a new start...
added 2011-03-16 18:57:02
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